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Lee and Peg Martin

Lee and Peg Martin

Serving in: (West Virginia)
Program name:
Serving since: 2017
Vocation: , ,

Lee and Peg Martin are serving as MCC Appalachia Build location coordinators with Mennonite Central Committee in Kimball, West Virginia, located in McDowell County, the poorest county in one of the poorest states. Using the efforts of volunteers, MCC Appalachia Build addresses sub-standard housing in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. Participants work with and for local clients ‘In the name of Christ,’ sharing the message of God’s love and building relationships that serve to enrich all involved.”

As location coordinators, Lee and Peg care for and facilitate volunteer groups who typically come for week-long service opportunities.

They have been appointed for a 39-month assignment as Associated Workers with VMMissions. Lee and Peg have many years of pastoral ministry experience, including cross cultural experiences among the Choctaw people in Mississippi and with local Appalachian culture. They have a faithful commitment to Jesus Christ that resonates with VMMissions, and are practitioners and advocates of being disciples who make disciples.

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