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Worker Profile: Joyel Allen

Joyel Allen Worker Profile

I serve as a campus missionary to Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia. Sent as part of a larger team serving through Every Nation Campus, I get to share the gospel with and disciple students from many different backgrounds. I believe that if we can change the campus, we can change the world.

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Call to Prayer: Praying for Direction

Yacoub and his MST pray together

Prayer isn’t something that I just do before I relate to people. Prayer means carrying something with you all the time. Without it, nothing happens. I need someone to show me the way. How will I minister without the Holy Spirit showing me the way?

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Planting a Church Using the Four Fields

A simple tool has helped our church focus on kingdom work, emphasizing empowering others to make disciples. We believe that this is fruitful when used along with the power of God’s word, the obedience of his servants and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

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Momentum of the Movement

Disciple-making movements can’t always be fast because discipleship is a marathon, not a sprint. While working for momentum in evangelism, we must keep our focus on the quality of our discipleship. The emphasis remains on faithfully drawing near to Christ, rather than reporting a snazzy number.

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Why a Disciple-making Movement?

Lizzette Hernandez

VMMissions has shifted from traditional mission models to the multiplication-oriented model of disciple-making movements. Starting small, investing in and equipping the faithful few takes time, patience, and faith. But in the end it produces deeper and greater fruit.

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Finding Hope This Christmas

Christmas message 2023

VMMissions President Aaron Kauffman shares a story he is carrying this Christmas: how a man in Germany named Matthias came to have hope in Jesus through the ministry of VMMissions worker David Stutzman in Mannheim, and how he is working to share that hope with others.

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Worker Profile: Adam & Elise Sauder

Adam and Elise (names changed) serve with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. They help staff six-month discipleship schools where young adults learn about God’s heart for people of every nation, which is followed by an “outreach” phase to South Asia.

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Call to Prayer: Renewal Starts With Prayer

David Stutzman

A resourcing network that David Stutzman works with in Germany has hosted a prayer month for three years now. David writes, “It has felt like one of the more encouraging things we have done with others. There is something about prayer, as a church, that helps us see the spiritual landscape around us and bring into words God’s movement among us.”

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Partnerships Enhance Jail Ministries

Skip Tobin writes about prison ministry in the local jail in Harrisonburg, Va. “This is a relatively new field for us at VMMissions. We are being invited to take our place among partners. We have the privilege of supporting what God is doing across denominational lines as we pray together and work in a field that is not far away but at our very doorsteps.”

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A Long-term Vision of Renewal

SLAQ members

What Devin Stipe, a tranSend intern serving with SLAQ (Servant Leader Quest), appreciates about the SLAQ program is that instead of going out to make as many new disciples as possible, SLAQ takes a handful of youth who already have a relationship with Christ, and provides an opportunity for them to become particularly strong disciples.

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Reimagining Our Mission

Solange Tartari

“Our main resource for spreading the gospel is people, but it is the Spirit who is at work in the lives of those we engage with the gospel,” writes Solange Tartari, serving in Shkodër, Albania. “All we can do is be clear about our role and purpose in God’s reconciling work in the world.”

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