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God is on a mission to redeem and rescue the world through the saving work of Jesus Christ, and God invites us to participate in that work. Every disciple of Jesus has a role to play in that mission, and together we show and share the good news of God’s rescue in all facets of life.


VMMissions offers a range of mission assignments of varying lengths that utilize diverse skills and experiences. From an E3 Collective team for 10-20 days, a one-year tranSend assignment serving locally or abroad, or with transForm, our long-term service program, our mission service experiences are deeply rooted in personal discipleship and connections to faith communities.


Utilize and build your skills in mission! From business to education to health care, we can help you find an assignment that fits what you love to do and maximizes your skills in the field.

We have assignments for:


If you are not currently being called by God to serve in the field, consider serving on a Ministry Support Team (MST).

This is a vital link between the between the mission worker and the supporting home community. An MST is usually a group of six to eight people with vital interest in supporting the worker's ministry through prayer, encouragement, helping to raise finances, and helping the worker acknowledge and thank their supporters.

VMMissions offers resources and opportunities to pray for the workers and ministries. Learn more about how to pray and see the monthly VMMissions Prayer Calendar. Consider signing up to receive Prayer Partners, a monthly email that goes in more depth and highlights answers to prayer.


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