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E3 Collective
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Upcoming 2022 E3 Collective trips:

    • Thailand Prayer Trip, September/October

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Dear friends,

After a long season of cancelled trips, we are planning for new E3 Collective trips in 2022! VMMissions has consulted our partners, mission peers, and team leaders in order to make a wise decision about how and when to send teams.

A new opportunity this spring is called Wayfarers, a short-term, small group (of 6-8 participants), immersive learning and discipleship program designed to learn about mission and ministry in the post-Christian context of Germany and France, particularly the cities of Mannheim, Paris, and Berlin.

We have also been encouraged in conversations with our overseas partners in Israel/Palestine, Jordan, and Greece to hear of how they continue in the work of the Kingdom in these times. Please continue to pray for them as your prayerful presence in the Spirit is needed for their encouragement and ours. Thanks to you all for your support of VMMissions and our E3 Collective program.

Martin RhodesIn the hope of Christ,
Martin Rhodes
Discipleship Ministries Coach

E3 Collective

What is E3 Collective?

E3 Collective is an initiative of VMMissions that invites followers of Jesus to participate in healthy and holistic short-term (a week or more) mission experiences. As the name "collective" suggests, these are team-based experiences.

Collectives focus on being, rather than simply doing, challenging a works-based approach to Christianity and re-orienting us to a gospel-centered, Spirit-empowered way of being and building the body of Christ across the boundaries of geography and culture. Collectives invite persons to embark on an intensive short-term team experience, encourage and be encouraged as the body of Christ in a host setting, and engage more deeply the work of the kingdom for a lifetime. This happens through up-front training; prayer, personal reflection and group processing while on location; and debriefing and sharing with others after you return.

SOE accreditedIn our efforts to build the best program possible, we have joined Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission. Team leaders and participants, as well as host partners, are equipped and commit to 7 standards:

  • God-centeredness
  • Empowering partnerships
  • Mutual design
  • Comprehensive administration
  • Qualified leadership
  • Appropriate training
  • Thorough follow-through.

(Learn more about these standards on SOE's website.)

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