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Posted on August 23, 2012 by VMMissions Staff

What an uplifting worship of praise and fellowship! The five congregations of the Mennonite Church of Trinidad and Tobago (MCTT) gathered for a joint service held on Sunday, April 29 in the Diego Martin Mennonite Church to install Bro. Ronald Latchman as Pastor Mentoree.

The moderator of the service, Sis. Linda Gunpath gave everyone a warm welcome followed by the call to worship. Participations from the wider membership included scripture reading, special songs and benediction.

The Mennonite Church of Trinidad & Tobago has embarked on a mentorship process for those who are called to serve in pastoral ministry. “It is a process and we are moving forward with it as we seek to equip our local leaders here!” said the Overseer, Pastor Ganese Gunpath. It is such an inspiration to sense God’s mighty hand moving in our midst as each
congregation now has some form of pastoral care couple. God works when we open ourselves to His divine call to serve.

The message delivered by Pastor Ganesh Kalloo, longest serving pastor in MCTT, highlighted Five E’s on the theme, “Equipped for Good Work.”

    1) We need to exhibit Christ-likeness by being exemplars of God’s Word as we teach it.

    2) We need to expect trials and don’t be surprised when we are faced with hardships. It is vital to be sifted in the process to help mold us to be used for God’s glory.

    3) We need to encourage each other for it is vital for us to encourage our pastors, leaders and those who faithfully serve among us in God’s Kingdom.

    4) We need to empower ourselves in God’s Word by knowing and using it in our daily lives to share and help others to grow.

    5) We need for everyone to be involved in equipping. Drawing from his own personal experiences, Ganesh said, “During my fifteen years of being a pastor, I had an official mentor for nine months but the remaining mentorship was done by my dear Christian brothers and sisters who have demonstrated commitment in their walk with God. They have truly equipped me and still continue in so many ways!”

Pastor Ganese Gunpath, Overseer, installed Bro. Ronald Latchman as Pastor Mentoree for one year, along with his family, as they affirmed the vows read to them, followed by a pastoral prayer. The service ended with a very popular traditional hymn, “Savior like a Shepherd Lead Us” led by Sis. Lourine Latchman, wife of Ronald. It was a joy for all to give their blessings and encouragement to this couple. Equipped to serve God in spirit and in truth—yes, equipped for good work!

Photo: The five congregations of the Mennonite Church of Trinidad & Tobago pray a prayer of blessing on Bro. Ronald Latchman (third from right) as he was installed as Pastor Mentoree.
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