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Thailand: Church-planting Intern

Location: , (Ubon Ratchathani province, Thailand)
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Do you have a heart for the unreached? Do you long to connect with what God is doing on the frontiers of the Kingdom? Join us for a period of learning the rhythms of cross-cultural pioneer church-planting among one of the most unreached people groups in Southeast Asia. Experience first-hand what it is like to engage in evangelism and discipleship with people who are hearing the gospel for the first time. Engage in mission strategy and dream for the future!


  • Prioritize growing as a disciple of Jesus.
  • Connect with the local context by living with a Thai family.
  • Immerse in Thai language and worldview through language study.
  • Participate in the activities of a contextualized, indigenous house church movement in rural Thailand.
  • Join in the life and rhythms of the long-term Thailand team.
  • Grasp mission strategy and the relevant issues of the region.
  • Pray for opportunities to witness and disciple others.
  • Seek God’s calling for future engagement.

Det Udom, an hour away from the provincial capital, is a small town with all necessary amenities, surrounded by rice paddies, rubber plantations, and rural villages. There is hot weather year-round, plentiful exotic fruits, and sticky rice. This part of Thailand is close to Laos and Cambodia, and has a cultural affinity with Laos. A Lao dialect is spoken in addition to Thai. It is a poorer area of Thailand, not frequented by tourists and with very minimal Christian presence. Thailand has a highly communal and collective culture. Life rhythms of Thai people center around Buddhism and animism. People are eager to befriend foreign visitors even though their worldview and life experience are often worlds apart.

Local Team
This person will be fully integrated into the local long-term worker team, currently consisting of two families, and receive supervision and accountability from a designated outreach coordinator. There will also be ample opportunity to learn to know and love the lively local believers and to be welcomed by the church, which began over 25 years ago.

Skills and Experience

  • An active follower of Jesus, who takes initiative in nurturing their relationship with God as a first priority.
  • A learner who is willing to be a cultural baby, receive instruction, and adapt accordingly.
  • Accountable to supervision with a high level of openness.
  • Values cultural sensitivity and is willing to draw encouragement from a wide range of people, both local and expatriate.
  • Able to work consistently in a hot climate without air conditioning, eat a variety of local foods, and use a bicycle for distances of up to 3 miles as a means of transportation.
  • Has sought out and engaged in ministry in their home context and has a deep hunger to grow in ministry.
  • All skill sets and professions are welcome – educators, creatives, nurses, farmers, accountants!

Come explore how your gifts can advance the kingdom! Contact Kierston Kreider to learn more.