R. R.W. (Worker in Western Asia)

Sensitive location

R. is serving as a leader of a small group of English as Second Language teachers. She will equip others to teach and teach in a school and a preschool in Western Asia to serve the families of long-term workers and the community.

Thailand Youth and Family Worker

Thailand: Youth and Family Worker

Asia, Northeast districts

Work with youth and families to promote discipleship in rural Northeast Thailand. First generation believers have broken free from many types of bondage, but the challenge facing them now is to raise up the next generations to carry forward the gospel witness as the next generation of Kingdom leaders.

This assignment requires a readiness to serve multiple terms, beginning with an initial 3 to 4 year term focused on studying language and culture.

Southeast Asia: Business for Transformation (B4T)

Asia, (City withheld)

Join a team of people who bring maturity and passion for Jesus to a successful business that is opening doorways for impact. A (B4T) water filter factory has been in operation now for ten years, and gospel witness has flourished both among the factory staff, and through the witness of sales representatives with customers in the region.

Child-care assistant, Northeast Thailand

Thailand: Childcare Assistant in Northeast Districts

Asia, Northeast districts

Provide weekday child care and home school support for the children of one of two worker families, ages ranging from 2-9. There are opportunities to study language and culture, develop relationships with a host family and Thai young adults, and serve the local church more broadly.

Discipleship internship in the Greater Metropolitan Bangkok District of Nonthaburi

Thailand: Discipleship Internship in Greater Bangkok

Asia, Nonthaburi (Bangkok)

Be part of a team focused on learning, growing, and serving in Greater Bangkok, working with the dynamic leaders of a Thai church filled with young people, and being formed in missional identity by an Asia savvy church planter and trainer.

J. and M. J. and M. W.

Sensitive location

This family lives in a major city in western Asia, bringing expertise and experience in “business as mission” into several arenas of engagement. They are Associated Workers of VMMissions.

Israel: Volunteer at Nazareth Village

Asia, Nazareth

Relate to visitors from many cultural and religious backgrounds by participating in the operation of the N.V. farm and village. Worship at a local church and study Arabic and/or Hebrew.

Philippines: Peacebuilders Community Internships

Asia, Mindanao

A number of tranSend assignments are open to serve with Peacebuilders Community, Inc. Interns with PeaceBuilders undergo a process of spiritual formation and discipleship while engaged in peace building work in a team setting. Ministry includes a combination of office-based assignments in Davao City, Mindanao and field work in local communities throughout the Philippines.

South Asia: Living God’s Mission With Muslim-Background Believers

Asia, urban context

Dive into an immersion experience in a Muslim context with home stays, language study and mission mentoring. Join a team with current VMMissions workers as an intern prepared to listen, learn and acquiesce to the rigors of life in this context. This worker family is also open to processing possibilities with prospective long-term workers.

South Asia

J. and H. J. and H.

Sensitive location

A family of five lives in a Muslim community in South Asia, where they work with the local church in discipleship, neighborhood outreach, leadership development and resource development. They serve with Pioneers, in partnership with VMMissions as Associated Workers.


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