Three baptized in Kemishtaj, Albania

Posted on January 3, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

The Adriatic Sea wind whipped our faces but the bright sun beamed upon the group of believers from the Lajmetaret e Jesus Krishtit (Heralds of Jesus Christ) church of Kemishtaj, Albania, gathered for the baptism of Lazi, Ilir, and Eva. A deserted beach-side food stand sheltered us from the wind as Allen Umble, VMM worker in Albania, directed the service.

“A person can choose to die to the old nature, but only Jesus Christ can raise us to a new life. We cannot raise ourselves.” While with joy we listened to the candidates’ statements of faith and witnessed the symbol of baptism, we also took a few moments to remember and pray for the family of Driton whose body was being laid to rest that same day. Driton, the victim of blood revenge in northern Albania, was the pastor of a church and a dear brother and friend of many in the Albanian evangelical circles.

After the baptisms we concluded our time on the Divjake beach with the ladies serving soda, sweets, and munchies. Feeling exhilarated by the events of the day, some of us participated in short food races on the sand before heading back home.
Tuesday mornings now finds the group of baptized persons along with seekers gathered with Allen in Kemishtaj for an hour of further teaching and understanding of basic beliefs of the church and truths from the Bible. Pray for the Holy Spirit to grow us up into mature persons of faith and walk in Christ Jesus our Lord and into a more complete representation of this part of Christ’s church in the local villages.

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