• Oksana Kittrell

Oksana Kittrell

Serving in: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Program name: tranSend (1-2 years)

Serving since:

Oksana Kittrell is a member of Divine Unity Community Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and an intern with Every Nation Campus ministry.

VMMissions has appointed Oksana as a tranSender for 2019-2020 to work with Every Nation in college ministry. Oksana will lead Bible studies and small groups at Eastern Mennonite University and will focus on identifying and mentoring leaders for campus ministry.

Oksana’s campus ministry is a joint partnership between VMMissions, Every Nation Campus and Divine Unity Community Church who desire to work together to focus on discipling young people and engaging them fully in the life of the church. VMMissions will offer individual, cohort, and MST coaching and Every Nation Campus will provide day-to-day oversight and supervision of the ministry assignment.


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