LCC International University hosts ecumenical conference

Posted on April 24, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

About a month ago, LCC hosted our 2nd annual Congregational Development Conference on the theme, “Proclaiming the Gospel in Contemporary Lithuania.” Once again, there was a good response and participants from almost all church groups in Lithuania. Steve had a brief opening address on “Discussing theology in a liberal arts setting.” He attempted to share some of LCC’s approach and experiences in working with colleagues and students from various traditions and how we work at recognizing and honoring differences.

All other speakers were Lithuanians and simultaneous translation into English was provided through headsets. One highlight of the conference was a panel discussion with leaders from Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed and Independent churches talking about the role of hospitality in mission. It was very exciting to see how these churches have come to see the meaning and significance of hospitality, especially in Lithuania where hospitality toward outsiders is not a well-developed part of the culture.

LCC started building its second on-campus dormitory this past summer and the project is progressing well. The basic five-story structure is about complete, and they have been able to cover the windows and get enough heat inside that interior work can go on in this bitter cold. It is exciting to see our campus grow and to get a better picture of what it may look like some day. The only sad part is that this means that this is the last year that students will live in the old off-campus Karklu dorm. Karklu is the old Soviet military barracks that LCC converted into a campus student and faculty residence in the early 1990s before we had our current beautiful campus. Some people have sentimental connections to the old dorm, but there are also so many advantages to having more of our students living on campus.

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