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Medical Team to Jordan

Location: (Amman, Jordan)
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Join a team working to serve refugee families displaced from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq with medical needs. The team will work in partnership with the local Hashmi Christian church in Amman to serve this vulnerable population with basic medical attention and supplies.

Assignment: Working with the local church based in Amman, this E3 Collective team will offer medical evaluation and care to support the refugee community fleeing long-term instability in their home communities.

Term: 1-2 weeks of travel with training prior to departure, planned for Summer 2024.

Ministries: This is a ministry in support of local Christian efforts to share God’s love through Christ in refugee camps and under-served communities. The long-range ministry vision for this work is carried by local partners, who guide teams in determining what kinds of ministry are appropriate to the context. Prayer ministry by the teams in support of the particular activity and the work of local believers is always a part of the focus of E3 teams.

Context: The Iraq War lasted for nearly 10 years and resulted in widespread destruction and struggle for power among the region’s Sunni and Shia Muslim groups. The Arab Spring, beginning in Tunisia in 2010, swept east, leading to armed resistance to the rule of Syrian President al-Assad. As central government control in both Syrian and Iraq waned, ISIS stepped into the power vacuum, seeking to establish an Islamic caliphate spanning the border of the two countries. Christian and Yazidi minority groups were particularly vulnerable in the Syrian conflict and the ISIS onslaught. Millions of people were displaced, many passing through temporary camps on the island of Lesvos and others more permanently lodged in refugee camps in neighboring countries.

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