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South Asia: Living God’s Mission With Muslim-Background Believers

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South Asia 

Dive into an immersion experience in a Muslim context with home stays, language study and mission mentoring. Join the team with current VMMissions workers as you learn language and culture in order to minister to one of the most under-reached people groups in the world.

Study language and culture, serve the team in ways that correspond to your gifts and passions, and learn the fascinating and complex dynamics of God bringing His transformation to a beautiful people who, in God’s sight, are far more than mere population statistics.

Length of assignment: Two or three-year term.

Muslim background believer church: What does it mean to be part of a movement of Muslim background believers in an overwhelmingly traditional Muslim community in the heart of South Asia?

A family who have been serving with VMMissions since 2007 know. As Associated Workers with VMMissions, they bring years of experience and a country-wide network of relationships to their ministry within this context. From their unobtrusive “seat at the table”, they look for opportunities and ways to empower this locally contextualized expression of church in ways that will lead to long-term, inter-generational sustainability and growth.

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