Vicki Barnes

Victoria (Vicki) Victoria (Vicki) Barnes

USA, United States, Harrisonburg

Vicki is serving in college ministry in partnership with Every Nation Campus, leading Bible studies and small groups at Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Va., and identifying and mentoring leaders for campus ministry.

Baker Rigg

Baker Baker Rigg

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Baker serves as the part-time chaplain of the Rockingham Harrisonburg Regional Jail, where he nurtures inmates in Christian faith, resources and develops ministries within the jail and cultivates church and community support partners in the ministry.

Yacoub Rasul

Yacoub Yacoub Rasul

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Yacoub (name changed) is an Egyptian church planter serving among Harrisonburg’s Arabic-speaking community. He is serving in a partnership ministry between VMMissions and Faith Community Church called Love 4 All Nations.

International business

Central Asia: International Transformational Business

Central Asia

Join a team working with an array of businesses that transform communities through meeting local needs, operating with integrity and just compensation, and being a example of God’s love and heart for justice in word and deed. Receive training, mentoring and support for long-term ministry through business.


Thailand: Pioneer Church Planting

Asia, Det Udom

Respond to God’s call to help a Thai network of believers expand into new villages and focus on faith formation among new believers and the second and third generation believers. Join a ministry team with long-term workers engaging and serving with Life Enrichment Church.

Paulo and Ana Silva

Paulo and Ana Paulo and Ana Silva Juliana, Marcos

Sensitive location

Paulo and Ana (names changed) serve in a Central Asian country and focus on mentoring new workers. They spent 17 years in the region prior to this assignment, serving as team leaders of multinational teams. They have extensive experience and expertise in organizational management and speak four languages.


Ben and Risa Ben and Risa Yutzy Corin, Efram, Rezin

USA, Virginia, Timberville

Ben and Risa join VMMissions as the first workers in a new mission worker category: “Marketplace Workers.” They are ‘making disciples who make disciples’ among the Spanish-speaking farm workers with whom they work as they bear witness to Christ and nurture expressions of simple church.

South Asia internship

South Asia: Living God’s Mission With Muslim-Background Believers

South Asia

Join the team in South Asia with current VMMissions workers as you learn language and culture in order to minister to one of the most under-reached people groups in the world while using your particular gifts and passions.

Nathan Carr

Nathan Nathan Carr

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Based in Harrisonburg, Va., Nathan is working to build networks of faith-based support for people who have struggled with addiction and substance abuse issues, and for those who have been released from jail.

Hannah Shultz

Hannah Hannah Shultz

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

In partnership with Iglesia Esperanza de Vida and Iglesia Menonita Monte Moriah in Harrisonburg, Va., Hannah is using her fluency in music education and Spanish to share Jesus and practical disciple-making strategies with children and their families.

Mike and Risha Metzler family

Mike and Risha Mike and Risha Metzler Hannah, Joel, Tobias

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Mike and Risha are co-pastors and church planters of Mosaic of Grace Church, Harrisonburg, Va., which envisions a community redeemed by Jesus Christ and transformed into a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, together pursuing the glory of God for the good of the world. Mosaic’s mission is to share the joy of knowing and […]

Thailand Youth and Family Worker

Thailand: Youth and Family Worker

Asia, Northeast districts

Work with youth and families to promote discipleship in rural northeast Thailand. First generation believers have broken free from many types of bondage, but the challenge facing them now is to raise up the next generations to carry forward the gospel witness.

Southeast Asia B4T

Southeast Asia: Business for Transformation (B4T)

Southeast Asia, (City withheld)

Join a team of people who bring maturity and passion for Jesus to a successful water filter factory business that is opening doorways for impact. Their gospel witness has flourished both among the factory staff, and through the witness of sales representatives with customers in the region.

Juan Jose Lagos

Juan José Juan José Lagos

USA, North Carolina, Winston-Salem

Juan José and his wife Cecilia are planting Iglesia Cristiana Renuevo, a Spanish-speaking congregation in Winston-Salem, N.C., that partners with the Tennessee/Carolina/Kentucky District of Virginia Mennonite Conference.

Armando and Veronica Sanchez

Armando and Veronica Armando and Veronica Sanchez

USA, Virginia, Waynesboro

Armando and Veronica are church planters of Iglesia Shalom-Nuevo Comienzo in the city of Waynesboro, Va. Armando and Veronica also pastor Iglesia Cristiana Enciende una Luz in Harrisonburg, Va.

Paulo and Ana Silva

Jay and Em Jay and Em

Sensitive location

Jay and Em (names changed) serve in locations in Central and Western Asia in business for transformation, engaging with a ministry team and bringing expertise and experience to current and future transformational businesses.

Dan and Mary Hess

Dan and Mary Dan and Mary Hess

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Dan and Mary serve in Milot, where they are building relationships, engaging in evangelism and discipleship, and expanding the work through kids clubs, youth work, teaching English, and Bible studies.

Lee and Peg Martin

Lee and Peg Lee and Peg Martin

USA, West Virginia, Kimball

Lee and Peg Martin are serving with Mennonite Central Committee as SWAP (Sharing with Appalachian People) location coordinators in McDowell County, West Virginia, as Associated Workers with VMMissions.

Alfonso Alvarado

Alfonso Alfonso Alvarado

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Alfonso serves as a pastor and church planter of Iglesia Menonita Monte Moriah in Lacey Spring, Va., in partnership with Grace Mennonite Fellowship, Lacey Spring, Va.

J. and H.

James and Anne James and Anne T. Eli, Mara, Oliver

Sensitive location

James and Anne (names changed) T. serve with Pioneers in a dense South Asian city, where James works as a graphic designer. Together they are discipling youth, developing leaders, and working for church multiplication in the Muslim-background believer church.

Raleigh and Opal

Raleigh and Opal Raleigh and Opal Robbie, Anna, Beth, Gem

Sensitive location

Raleigh and Opal (names changed) serve among an indigenous people group and are making connections for future ministry through business for transformation. They serve in partnership with Rosedale International.

Kosovo: Pioneer Church Planter

Europe, Istog

Study the Albanian language and Kosovar culture, and form a long-term church planting team, partner with existing believers, and plant gospel seeds through building community relationships.

Mannheim, Germany

Germany: Church Planter and Discipleship Pioneer

Europe, Mannheim

Explore church planting and discipleship in the urban, post-Christian setting of Mannheim, Germany, known as one of the more intercultural cities in Germany. Join a team and help to resource a national network for persons interested in living out the gospel in their culture.

Seth and Theresa Crissman family

Seth and Theresa Seth and Theresa Crissman Eliana, Isaiah, Maria, Malachi

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Building on their work with the Kids Clubs in local congregations, Seth and Theresa create resources for families and households to become stronger Christ-forming centers through memorization and reflection on scripture through music.

Mark and Sarah Schoenhals family

Mark and Sarah Mark and Sarah Schoenhals Heidi, Hannah

Asia, Thailand, Det Udom District

Mark and Sarah serve in the rural northeastern Thailand among the Isaan people, where they support the Life Enrichment Church and engage in Bible teaching and leadership development. They serve in partnership with Eastern Mennonite Missions.

Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin family

Steve and Bethany (Tobin) Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin Anjali, Emmanuel, Tierzah

Asia, Thailand, Nam Yuen

Steve and Bethany are working at evangelism and discipleship among Isaan believers in Nam Yuen, in partnership with the Life Enrichment Church. They serve in partnership with Eastern Mennonite Missions.

Shawn and Laura Green family

Shawn and Laura Shawn and Laura Green Lucas, Emmanuel, Matteo, Isabella

Europe, Italy, Termoli

Shawn and Laura and family serve with a church-planting team in Termoli, assisting with worship and discipleship, reaching out through home Bible studies, and developing relationships to expand the work into new areas.

David and Rebekka Stutzman

David and Rebekka David and Rebekka Stutzman Immanuel, Liana, Nathanael

Europe, Germany, Mannheim

David and Rebekka are church planters in the multicultural urban center of Mannheim and network with young adults throughout Germany who are seeking to live and serve in missional communities. They serve in partnership with the South German Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Mission Network.

Yosiah and Anita Rahma

Yosiah and Anita Yosiah and Anita Rahma Josh, Simon

Sensitive location

Yosiah and Anita Rahma (names changed) live and serve in a slum community, running a preschool and after school program for neighborhood kids called House of Hope in a large Southeast Asia city, serving with Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor, in partnership with VMMissions as Associated Workers.

Norma Teles

Norma Teles and Norma Teles and the Joshua Center ministry

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Norma is director of the Joshua Center, an early childhood learning center for Roma children in Lezhë. She also leads after-school programs, a women’s group, and a girls club, and is a worship leader in the Lezhë congregation. She serves in partnership with the Evangelical Mennonite Alliance of Brazil.

Rafael and Solange Tartari family

Rafael and Solange Rafael and Solange Tartari Paulo, Sophia

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Rafael and Solange work in partnership with Albanian leaders in the city of Shkodër to model family life in Christ and to multiply disciples, leaders, and faith communities. They serve in partnership with the Evangelical Mennonite Alliance of Brazil.

Dini and Klementina Shahini

Dini and Klementina Dini and Klementina Shahini

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Klementina is executive director of the Lezha Academic Center, a K-12 Christian school. Dini is executive director of the Albanian Mennonite Mission Foundation, serves with VUSH (Albanian Evangelical Alliance), and is lead elder at Guri I Themelit, the local church.


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