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Posted on October 26, 2012 by VMMissions Staff

Thirty-two people from various churches around Italy came together for “Family Camp 2012,” August 18-25. It was a week of relaxation, study, prayer and fellowship with other believers.

Our theme was “Extreme Makeover II: Radical Transformation in Christ.” Pino Arena (Palermo), Giovanni Greco (Vasto), Nicola Cippone and Willard Eberly (Bari) taught on how we are different when we are transformed by Christ living in us. These lessons not only had an impact on the participants of the conference, but also on other guests and staff in the hotel where we stayed.

As the week progressed, members of our group were engaged in conversations with other guests, staff and tour guides. Members of the hotel staff passed through our meetings held in the dining room and paused to listen to what was being said. The kitchen staff came to the door and listened to the worship, then returned to their work. It was as if they were finding something that they had been seeking and needing in their lives.

When we were preparing to leave, the director of the hotel said to Willard, “We have never had a group like you all here before. How you treat each other and others…there is something different about you all.”

When people hear, see and feel the presence of Christ, it is something different. The world is starving for this difference. They hunger for it and it is up to us to show the world that things can and will be better. It is our hope that people can always look at us and say, “There is something different about you.” There is! It is Christ who lives in us!


Willard Eberly and Nicola CipponeWillard Eberly and Nicola Cippone

Enjoying the company of fellow believers from around ItalyOld and new friends enjoy each other’s company

Worship timeA worship time at Family Camp

The group that gathered for Family Camp 2012The group that gathered for Family Camp 2012. Photos by author

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