The Gospel poured out: a celebration of Eberlys’ retirement and long-time service

February 28, 2013

On December 27, VMMissions held a celebration for Willard and Eva Eberly for their forty years of ministry in the Mediterranean region. After a worship song led by Shawn Green, Janet Blosser presented a slideshow reflecting on their 40 years of ministry. Their initial assignment included planting churches in Sicily; later they became Mediterranean Regional […]


You can tell the Christmas story, even if you can’t hear

February 27, 2013

Sunday, December 16, the hill of Top Hill in the rural parish of St. Elizabeth was filled with mothers, fathers, aunts, grandmothers, and the students and teachers of Maranatha School for the Deaf. The annual Christmas program brought people from near and far, and both hearing and deaf persons attended. VMM worker Eve Knepp worked […]


Giving one’s life

February 26, 2013

During our Christmas holidays my five year old granddaughter came to me and said, “Do you know what, Grandpa? I gave my heart to Jesus.” Bless that little heart! She told her mother, “When Jesus knocks, you must let him in!” I was much older when I accepted Jesus. I was all of eleven! I […]



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