Carol Tobin

From anywhere to anyone

August 16, 2018

At first glance, the idea of all of us “going” sounds like a perfect recipe for chaos! But, somehow, this is what the Holy Spirit does when he gets a hold of us. Our hearts enlarge. Our vision expands. We go beyond our culturally comfortable borders.

Norma Teles

Called to go: Norma’s story

August 14, 2018

Norma Teles is a Brazilian VMMissions worker in Lezhë, Albania, working with Roma children at the school she has founded, the Joshua Center. By Norma Teles   Norma Teles at the Joshua Center. Courtesy of Janet Blosser   I grew up in a Christian family with nine siblings in Salvadore, Brazil. I was expected to […]

Francisco and Juanita Machado

Preserved for a purpose

August 13, 2018

Francisco and Juanita came to the U.S. as asylum seekers from Honduras. Now God is using them as church planters in Madrid, Spain.



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