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Worker profile: Nathan Carr

Name: Nathan Carr
Service program: tranSend
Serving since: 2021

Nathan Carr

I am serving in prison ministry, involved in reaching out to men like myself—helping to draw them out of addiction towards Christ. Until January of this year, I served alongside VMMissions long-term worker, Jason Wagner, who has since become the jail chaplain at the Augusta Correctional facility.

Biggest challenge:
My biggest challenge is getting the guys that I work with to realize that if they would surrender all to God, their lives could be changed and new! So I guess building their faith when they’re not ready or when they don’t totally surrender their all to the Lord is a challenge. I can totally relate to not being ready to surrender. There was a time when I wasn’t willing to let go of everything and let God take control. I want these men to see that by surrendering control of their lives to Christ and being willing to go through recovery, God will provide them with the life that they deserve to live—just as he has done for me. I have seen that instead of a life of fear and depression and anxiety and addiction, we can live lives of joy and peace and love through Christ. All things are possible!

Biggest joy:
What gives me the most joy is when the men I am relating with listen to the Lord when he speaks to them! I can see the joy in them when they surrender and that brings joy to me because I know the new life that lies ahead for them. Seeing the chains break as mine did is such a wonderful thing. When I was brought out of my addiction I found joy through the support I received from the church, my family, the jail chaplain, and the Celebrate Recovery community. But most of all: glory be to God!

A typical day:
The way I describe a typical day would be waking up and immediately jumping into prayer, getting ready for the day. If it is a Monday, I meet with Jason Wagner for intensive prayer and weekly accountability. He is guiding me in Bible study and journaling, which are helping my faith to grow. On Monday and Thursday evenings I help with two different Celebrate Recovery programs. In particular, I oversee the men and women going into the jail on behalf of Celebrate Recovery and co-lead a class for Celebrate Recovery newcomers. Tuesday through Thursday is mostly devoted to my part-time building and remodeling job. In between, I write letters to inmates and work hard as a sponsor for an inmate at Middle River regional jail, helping him find a home plan and work. I plan to walk alongside him as everyone did for me when I was released. The rest of my spare time is spent with my girlfriend Leah and her three year old daughter Nevaeh. I love how God has brought us together and has allowed our life to grow.