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Keep Your Distance 5K Results

Keep Your Distance 5K

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Keep Your Distance 5K!

Over six days, 75 walkers and runners from around the world came together (virtually) and completed 232.5 miles while showing their support for VMMissions. Here are the results:

Overall Fastest Times
Male – Aaron Kauffman, 19:04
Female – Megan Breidigan, 23:52

14 and Under M
1st) Matthew Rush, 20:06
2nd) Asher Kauffman, 26:26

14 and Under F
1st) Sophie Kauffman, 24:06
2nd) Bethany Rush, 25:43

15-19 M
(No Entries)

15-19 F
1st) Abby Kauffman, 24:58
2nd) Alyssa Breidigan, 29:26

20-35 M
1st) Austin Showalter, 22:30
2nd) Chris Lehman, 23:38

20-35 F
1st) Megan Breidigan, 23:52
2nd) Rachel Hartzler, 27:54

36-50 M
1st) Aaron Kauffman, 19:04
2nd) Jason Ramer, 22:03

36-50 F
1st) Bethany Horst, 36:16
2nd) Mary Breidigan 39:39

51-65 M
1st) Kevin Yoder, 22:36
2nd) Nathan Lapp, 26:11

51-65 F
1st) Linda Yoder, 47:55
2nd) No entry

65+ M
1st) Dennis Kauffman, 46:07
2nd) No entry

65+ F
1st) Carol Tobin, 31:41
2nd) Rose Kauffman, 46:07
All Participants
Aaron Kauffman, Abby Kauffman, Abe Hartzler, Abeba Merga, Allison Sherer, Alyssa Breidigan, Amy Rush, Andrew Nice, Anjali Horst, Annaliese Rhodes, Asher Kauffman, Austin Showalter, Beka Bililign, Bethany Rush, Bethany Tobin, Brian Hess, Carmen Rhodes Showalter, Carol Tobin, Chris Lehman,Chris Moore, Dara Rhodes Showalter, Dave Rush, David Kauffman, Dennis Kauffman, Easton Nice, Elija Rhodes Showalter, Elliot Rhodes, Emily Compagnari, Galen Lehman, Greta Bucher, Hannah Trotter, Irvin Hershey, Isaac Rhodes Showalter, Janet Stutzman, Jason Ramer, Jason Rhodes Showalter, Jennifer Sommers, Jessica Longenecker, Jill Snider, John Sanchez, Jon Trotter, Julette Rush, Kevin Nice, Kevin Yoder, Kyle Rush, Laura Kauffman, Lauren Francisco, Les Helmuth, Linda Yoder, Luke Rhodes Showalter, Lydia Rhodes Showalter, Mario Moore, Martin Rhodes, Mary Breidigan, MaryBeth Moore, Matthew Bucher, Matthew Rush, Megan Breidigan, Melanie Sherer, Merideth Trotter, Mike Lehman, Monica Compagari, Nathan Lapp, Rachel Hartzler, Rose Kauffman, Seth Crissman, Shelley Abline, Solomon Bililign, Sophie Kauffman, Spencer Nice, Stephanie Slabach Brubaker, Steven Horst, Sylvia Helmuth, Sylvia Rhodes, Tami Nice, Theresa Peachy Crissman, Vincent Rhodes

It truly was a joy to receive pictures of many smiling faces of individuals who took part in our event last week. Pictures from the event can be found on this page and on the VMMissions Facebook page. If you have any more pictures that you would like to have included, please email Abe Hartzler and we will put them on the website. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more opportunities to engage the world missionally through this time of pandemic.