Jim and Pam Beachy

Jim and Pam Jim and Pam Beachy

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Jim serves as principal of Lezha Academic Center in Lezhë, Albania. Pam works in the elementary school teaching English to the younger children. The Beachys also lend support to the worship and ministries of Guri I Themelit (GIT) church.

Thailand Youth and Family Worker

Thailand: Youth and Family Worker

Asia, Northeast districts

Work with youth and families to promote discipleship in rural Northeast Thailand. First generation believers have broken free from many types of bondage, but the challenge facing them now is to raise up the next generations to carry forward the gospel witness as the next generation of Kingdom leaders.

This assignment requires a readiness to serve multiple terms, beginning with an initial 3 to 4 year term focused on studying language and culture.

Southeast Asia: Business for Transformation (B4T)

Asia, (City withheld)

Join a team of people who bring maturity and passion for Jesus to a successful business that is opening doorways for impact. A (B4T) water filter factory has been in operation now for ten years, and gospel witness has flourished both among the factory staff, and through the witness of sales representatives with customers in the region.

Juan Jose Lagos

Juan José Juan José Lagos

USA, North Carolina, Winston Salem

Juan José and his wife Cecilia hope to partner with North Carolina districts and congregations of Virginia Mennonite Conference in order to plant a new Spanish-speaking congregation in Winston Salem, N.C.

Armando and Veronica Sanchez

Armando and Veronica Armando and Veronica Sanchez

USA, Virginia, Waynesboro

Armando and Veronica are planting a new Spanish-speaking church in the city of Waynesboro, Va. Armando will continue to pastor at Enciende una Luz while they start this new church.

J. and M. J. and M. W.

Sensitive location

This family lives in a major city in western Asia, bringing expertise and experience in “business as mission” into several arenas of engagement. They are Associated Workers of VMMissions.

Matthew and Rachel Cordella-Bontrager

Matthew and Rachel Matthew and Rachel Cordella-Bontrager Naomi

Europe, Kosovo, Istog

Matt and Rachel will be cultural and language learners for their first term in Kosovo, building relationships in hopes of developing a community of faith in the way of peace.

Dan and Mary Dan and Mary Hess

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Dan and Mary serve in Lezhë with other VMMissions teammates, plugging back into a language and culture where they served from 2001-2005. They are building relationships and making disciples through evangelism and leadership development.

Lee and Peg Martin

Lee and Peg Lee and Peg Martin

USA, West Virginia, Kimball

Lee and Peg Martin are serving with Mennonite Central Committee as SWAP (Sharing with Appalachian People) location coordinators in Kimball, W.Va., a small town in McDowell County, as Associated Workers with VMMissions.

Turkey: Turkey International School Director Position


An international school located in Turkey of about 250 to 300 K-12 students mainly from expat cross-cultural worker families, is seeking a new Director.


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